Scholar. At Lethbridge College – we have been a lot more than bricks and mortar

Q: Do you realy provide any extra support for native pupils?

A: Lethbridge university is proud to supply assist with our very very very First countries, Métis and Inuit pupils – from potential pupils to alumni – in attaining their profession and individual objectives.

Through our Circle of Services, you’ll access:

  • Information on programs, admissions, study and registration abilities
  • help with native money, honors and scholarships
  • individual, social, educational and job advising
  • social, academic, social and events that are sporting

If you should be considering arriving at Lethbridge university, be confident that you’ll be supported through the procedure by our native recruiter, our native scholastic and profession consultant, our native pupil consultant, our native Cultural help system, our native scholar Advisory Council and our FNMI profession Pathways system, and that you’ll find buddies and help within our Indigenous Services and scholar Lounge.

Situated on old-fashioned Blackfoot territory, Lethbridge university acknowledges and celebrates the heritage that is rich tradition associated with Blackfoot individuals. Our Aboriginal Framework policy reads: The Blackfoot people welcome Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal individuals to talk about within their rich history and tradition. Continue reading