Free channels are usually limited on Android TV and you might have to enroll in a subscription to apps like SlingTV. However, you can watch a few ad-supported channels on Pluto TV. However, one caveat of the app is that it doesn’t show incoming calls at this moment. If you’re interested, you can install Duo from Play Store.

Since everyone uses a handset in the present world, even though if the parents are busy with their schedules they can timely update the information regarding children through this app. Course and batch organization is a major management task that is portrayed to deal with course duration, timing and other programs related to the course conducted in school. This module which covers all the facets of course management and batch creation is made easy with Schoolplus App. Engage parents and your community with on demand access to the student and school information they want through their smartphones and tablets using our school communication app.

Play Runescape, Made The Way The 2000s Remember It

App installed from the APK file will request certain permissions from you and once granted it may have power to do certain damaging actions on your device and with your data. Typically, APK files are not visible to the end user of the device.

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Google Maps users should install a good OSM client APK Games Download – Download App APKs for Android for backup in case they forget or can’t find bandwidth to update Google’s crummy offline service. If you purchase a map, you also get 12-months free access to CoPilot’s live ‘ActiveTraffic’ service.


You can now play your existing games on Steam on your Android phone. This also means that you can try finding the game you’re looking for on Steam.

  • The Rom Hustler website has a rating system that allows users to rate their applications themselves – so you can make your choice without worrying about being cheated.
  • And then once you’re out on the trial, rather than showing you in a sea of green, it will show you exactly where on the trail, or how far off the trail, you are.
  • Even though it may seem like a nuisance at first, it’s not like the process has to be done for every APK install.
  • Google Chrome have the extension that is used for the testing Android applications for the Chrome OS, however it works at any OS.

Thanks to the tech giant’s highly advanced AI assistant, we can now navigate hands-free. The feature is incredibly easy to enable and access, with small variations between iPhones and Android devices. In about 27% of all car crashes, someone was using their cell phone. You may think texting is the big problem here, but many fail to realize that even the smallest smartphone interaction could spell disaster. Thankfully, Google Maps has rolled out an overdue feature that’ll help ensure a safer drive.