We presume you may be delivering information towards the credit agencies, that’s how they’re going to have their credit rating improved?

We discover that folks are utilizing the cards precisely the means that we mean meaning fuel, groceries, eating out, day-to-day spend.

We don’t see some of the usage situations that we is concerned about like individuals wanting to just take payday loans or other types of temporary possibilities. We really would like individuals manage to satisfy their day-to-day living requires with this particular item and that’s working. We continue to have some of these, you understand, that tiny pilot collection of reports for us, ultimately, the real measure of success and being able to get those folks to better credit and improve their credit score that we booked in 2015, we still have a reasonable percentage of those folks around and using the card and have larger lines and have continued to be very active and engaged with the product and that is. Continue reading