First things first, Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) World may be played and downloaded at no cost.

there is certainly large amount of online content, such as for instance additional maps and aircraft, that one can purchase, however these are completely optional. The fact you can test out this flight sim without the need to purchase such a thing has already been well well worth a complete great deal of points inside our guide.

The version that is free with two aircraft – a contemporary attack jet and a WWII-era trainer. The journey sim ‘s been around for some time but just came out for VR at around 2015. at this time, both Oculus is supported by the flight sim Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

Entering a cockpit the very first time in DCS World certain is an experience that is overwhelming. VR gets the characteristic that is unique of the consumer a feeling of scale which is not feasible with gaming on a monitor. Continue reading