I’m dating a lady in a relationship that is polyamorous personally i think like her final priority. Am we best off alone?

Dear Kai, I’m a trans girl dating an other woman in a polyamorous relationship, and I also feel we see each other twice a week, at most) like we just don’t get to spend enough time together (. She’s presently dating two other folks as well as me personally, while I’m just seeing her. Us spending time together I always feel like I’m her last priority when it comes to.

I’m always the only who reaches away first. Whenever one thing is incorrect, she speaks to some other person, in the place of me personally. If she takes place to possess leisure time, she constantly spends it with another partner without asking me personally if I would like to take action. I’ve attempted to speak with her about this, but We have actuallyn’t seen any alterations in her behavior yet, despite the fact that she said she’d decide to try. Continue reading