That I want to share as I spent this weekend examining her life, I have found four lessons.

The LGBTQ community has lost a pioneer, but her impact life on

The much celebrated Black trans journalist and activist behind the TransGriot blog, I keep coming back to the question of what did we learn from her work and life that we can carry forward as the queer community mourns the Oct. 5 passing of Monica Roberts? I went to to learn a history not taught in schools when I first came out as a black trans woman, her site was one of the first. She made me feel I felt comforted in seeing that there were others that looked like me like I wasn’t alone, and.

That I want to share as I spent this weekend examining her life, I have found four lessons.

State their names First, she taught us to express their names. Up to now in 2020, there were at the very least 32 trans people murdered in america including, simply in October up to now, black trans ladies Felycya Harris and Brooklyn Deshuna. We have been on course now to report more murders this than in 2019 year.

Also it ought to be emphasized that as a result of constant under reporting, we may can’t say for sure the real variety of violent incidents against trans people. It’s now a far more practice that is common news outlets and neighborhood governments to trans individuals by our chosen title and pronouns. But before Monica, there is small to no protection of physical physical violence up against the trans community, and victims will be misgendered and dead known as.

Now, with increased coverage, we now have seen that this sort of physical violence is a systemic issue in culture which should be addressed. We worry now to your true point that presidential applicants along with other politicians are mentioning it within their speeches. Continue reading