Make use of location app that is fake. The key problem with spoofing your location is the fact that you’ll simply be capable of getting in touch with Happn users that cross paths with that location that is fake.

Switching down your GPS makes Happn useless. Can you nevertheless desire to utilize the software, but are you hesitant about sharing your precise location with other people? You can think about setting up a fake location application to spoof where you are. This also works for dating apps: Happn will think you’re in a certain place, which you picked on a map yourself, instead of where you actually are in many cases. Popular apps that may accomplish this are Fake GPS GO venue Spoofer for Android os and Fake GPS Location through iTools for iOS. We’ve tested the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer ourselves and we also can make sure it really works with Happn.

The key problem with spoofing your location is the fact that you’ll simply be in a position to get in contact with Happn users that cross paths with this location that is fake. You won’t have the ability to see users that took place to literally pass you by from the road. To fix this issue as much as a particular point, you are able to select a fake location that’s fairly close to where you stand, or perhaps general general public location you frequently end up at, such as for instance your chosen club or restaurant. In this manner, you’ll nevertheless match with individuals in your area without giving out your real, current location.

You can follow the instructions below if you’d like to know how to install one of the fake location apps mentioned above:

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

Fake GPS GO is very simple to install and designed for Android os 6.0 and greater. To use it, feel the following actions:

iTools’ Fake GPS Location

Follow these actions to spoof your local area on iOS with iTools:

When you’re done, it is possible to get back to Happn and make use of it you picked to other users as you normally would, but your location will look like the virtual location. Continue reading