Because relationships with abusive lovers are bad – but so can be relationships with toxic lovers.

I would like to discuss toxic relationships – so named because in place of nourishing your growth, as a relationship should, they gradually wither you away like poison in your body.

Whether or not a partner is abusive, when really, we should be asking ourselves whether or not they’re healthy for us because I think that sometimes we get stuck in circles in our minds asking ourselves.

Because unhappiness is unhappiness – and you also deserve better.

If you answered “no” for this concern, this informative article is nevertheless for you. It is for precisely you.

And that you or somebody you realize may be associated with a relationship with an abusive partner and you’re interested in once you understand exactly what your choices are, it is possible to phone the nationwide Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.7233 in the event that you replied “yes” and think. Continue reading