Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon. Commissioned an ensign late when you look at the war, Carson had been assigned to your USS Pennsylvania, a battleship on place into the Pacific.

Did Ed McMahon act as Johnny Carson’s commanding officer into the military?

Claim: Ed McMahon served as Johnny carson’s officer that is commanding the army.

Example: [Collected via email, 2009] june

Origins: It’s hard to think about late-night talk show master Johnny Carson without also thinking about Ed McMahon, the high, genial announcer because of the booming sound who served as Carson’s sidekick throughout Johnny’s thirty-year tenure as host associated with Tonight Show from 1 interesting aspect of the two men’s backgrounds as yet not known to numerous casual people had been they both served within the military — an element of these everyday lives that some individuals initially found out about through the repetition of a rumor which held that (in an appealing reversal of these show method of trading) Ed McMahon had as soon as been Johnny Carson’s commanding officer.

The rumor has specific aspects of plausibility to it: there was clearly some overlap that is chronological McMahon and Carson’s armed forces solution during World both males had some link with Navy/Marine Corps aviation, and McMahon did (eventually) outrank Carson as an officer; however their everyday lives wouldn’t normally intersect until a long time later on. Continue reading