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The Gaining Life – Episode 20, component 2: GainerguyCdn

To some extent 2 of our 2-part episode, we talk to GainerguyCdn on how fatter that is much expects to obtain, his ideas on 800+ lb. individuals on TV, the causes for their privacy issues, Expansion and Belly Rub sunday, getting garments customized, comparing the clothes sizes he wore as he had been slim to your size he wears now, and more!

Operating Time: 28 minutes.

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The Gaining Life – Episode 20, role 1: GainerguyCdn

To some extent 1 of our 2-part episode, we consult with GainerguyCdn about growing up an unhappy teenager with a gaunt human anatomy, choosing to begin gaining as he began university, and exactly how he went from 200lbs to 400lbs after which to 600+ pounds all in a 10 12 months period. Continue reading