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A great web site is vital towards the success of any brand new musician. Carl Heaton of Web Courses Bangkok presents a couple of shining examples to follow.

Draw the line in which you’ll between art and design, but irrespective of where your interest lies, the symbiotic relationship between the 2 can not be rejected. Today, in which the internet dominates the movement of data, this co-existence is more essential than in the past.

An musician’s capability to use their online existence goes a way that is long getting their name and portfolio on the market. a smartly designed website is now a important medium in as well as it self.

Why designers should care

It is vital to keep in mind that your internet site will be described as a audience’s first introduction to your projects. Simply you don’t want your online portfolio to look like a pathetic afterthought as you wouldn’t exhibit slapped together art with no consideration. Continue reading