Dear Embarrassed, It is regular to test and no you aren’t a pervert for achieving this.

Than you saw the first 2 times if you are a student here, we suggest you come in and see a different doctor. Give an explanation for chronology of just what has-been occurring, and request an exam (or show this page). An individual who understands what they’re interested in, will look at your vagina for almost any abnormalities, discharges, signs and symptoms of disease, etc.

You can find a few other items we feel compelled to say. It may go without saying, but ensure that your boyfriend’s hands tend to be neat and their nails nicely cut. We might hate to own you begin a large amount of testing and now have it be one thing easy that way. He should not be presenting any micro-organisms or soil into the vagina.

Additionally, we have been happy you’ve got maybe not begun using your birth prevention tablets however. If you’re without having sex and are also yes you won’t be for a little while, don’t feel pressured into taking all of them, simply because a physician “put you in it.” it really is your decision whether you wish to be on it or otherwise not. Continue reading