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Are you experiencing a “tilted” womb? In that case, you will probably find so it has a little training to get a menstrual cup to exert effort for you. But don’t worry! This does not imply that you can’t make use of menstrual glass. You definitely can! it simply usually takes just a little effort that is extra find the appropriate glass for the human anatomy also to discover ways to place it properly. We’re right here to aid!

What exactly is a tilted womb?

Based on Better wellness Channel, about 25% of females have tilted or “retroverted” womb, therefore you’re in good company!

The uterus is tipped slightly forward so that it points toward the stomach in most women. Whenever many people utilize the term “tilted womb,that it’s aimed towards the rectum” they are referring to a retroverted uterus, where the uterus is tipped slightly backward, so.

As you can plainly see through the image below, there are many different methods the womb may be situated in your body: Quite often, a tilted womb does not cause any dilemmas, and ladies might not also remember that their womb is tilted. For other people, a tilted womb could potentially cause signs such as for instance painful intercourse, painful menstruation, and irregular menstruation. Continue reading