8 tricks and tips so you can get listings as a brand new real estate professional

Sergey Chayko / Shutterstock.com

The problem that is biggest that brand new real estate professionals face gets listings. Getting vendors to record with you {in the place of buyers to list with you guarantees you can get.

Then you risk losing your client — and thus, your commission if you’re working with a buyer, and you don’t have a buyer’s listing agreement. Unfortuitously, I’ve seen this happen countless times, plus it’s a painful reality of genuine property.

Here are my eight strategies for getting listings as a new representative.

1. Phone everybody else you understand

Grab your phone and begin going into the connections. Phone your very best buddies. Call that man you merely know barely. Phone anybody and everybody it is possible to, and gradually create your community, also you barely know if it means going out for coffee or drinks with people. Continue reading