Without a doubt more info on how exactly to gently inform someone that you simply desire to be buddies?

Currently months that are many, “Bob” joined my group of friends. He’s got an abundance of good character faculties and it’s also excellent to hold away with him. In addition, he could be a bit bashful and also introverted.

Through the very last many weeks, i acquired the strong impression, that Bob includes a crush on me. It was also separately confirmed by other friends (about it) without me asking them. So it’s a fairly safe bet. He didn’t take action yet, nonetheless it already got me personally wondering what things to say to him.

Now, i enjoy Bob as a close buddy, but simply as a buddy. I do not would like a connection with him.

Therefore my concern may be the after: If he opens up to me personally, how can I reject their advance into the many gentle and least hurting way?

  • to create clear, that we’ll you need to be friends, to ensure that he is able to search for another gf.
  • explain, that i truly want us to remain buddies. That isn’t simply a group expression to place a conclusion to a situation that is awkward. Continue reading