Adam4adam logoutKazi Simple individual management (name, account) – List orders removed from Virtuemart, with paging

establish system according to php and Mysql to draw out information from a Joomla + Virtuemart 3 platform. It should be expandable and scalable with brand brand new functions. Needs to have: – Login / logout web web page – web web Page to configure experience of database and table prefix –

App Features open supply by Xamarin • Login/ logout for every waiter • Waiter sales meals per dining dining table with customer’s demands • Foods are grouped in categories for easier choosing with picture and price for every single product in list • Add records to every selected menus item • View table’s present states • forward ordering into the backend • Update order • S.

. dashboard. Authentication: Users can subscribe utilizing their e-mail password and address. Alternatively they could login employing their accounts that are google. Use situations: Signup, login, logout, reset password Utilize Firebase Authentication and Firestore [ingia ili uone URL] Subscription: Free variation just permits registering for 3 ticker symbols. For

. and dealing properly, point require generate link that is unique. 4. Registry by social media(google, facebook). Prepare Package to integration in PL/SQL with function login, logout. Proposal of user dining table which is cooperate with old-fashioned registry by email. 5. consumer will can add on some pictures and files in application, have you got any benefit concept than

I would like a Delphi Desktop VCL framework that features login, logout, MDI kinds for maintenance of some database tables in sqlite. Essentially a framework that i really could make my personal to create a desktop application. If it utilizes tmssoftware vcl elements that would ever be much better.

I will be to locate something which possibly has menus that are dynamic on that is logged

Budget is 20$ My requirements: 1. Continue reading